Stara Planina

Stara Planina is located on the Serbian-Bulgarian border. Its smaller part is in Serbia and the highest peak is Midzor, 2169 meters high, while for the most part it falls to Bulgaria, where the highest peak Botev is located, 207 meters higher than Midzor. The entire mountain range of the Stara or Balkan Mountains stretches from the Black Sea to Vrška Čuka and its length is as much as 530 km.

Stara Planina is 330 kilometers away from Belgrade, while it is only 70 kilometers away from Nis. Hiking trails, lookouts, waterfalls, river canyons make Stara Planina one of the most popular destinations in Serbia. We have chosen some of the places you should not miss when visiting the Balkan Mountains.

1 Midzor – the highest peak of Stara Planina

For lovers of hiking and active holidays, a real weekend adventure can be a climb to Midjor. You can reach it from two directions: from the village of Topli do (longer way) and from the mountain lodge “Babin zub”.

2 Wolverine pots

The canyon of the Rosomača River is often called “Serbian Colorado” because of the layered edges of the rocks that this river cuts. The most beautiful view is near the village of Slavinja, 30 km from Pirot.

3 Bigar Waterfall

The Bigar stream and waterfall are a true masterpiece of nature together with lakes and terraces. Be sure to visit the limestone baths of the Bigar stream valley. It is located near the village of Stanjinac.

4 Kovani arr

Bare and warm red rocks, cut by a stream that flows into a whirlpool, are the right place where you can take Instagram photos. It is located near the village of Topli do.

5 Lookout Kozji kamen

One of, if not the most beautiful lookout point of the Old Mountain is Kozji kamen. The view “throws” on Zavojsko Lake, all the splendor of the Old Mountain.

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