The area of ​​Mount Tara in western Serbia represents the westernmost group from the group of Starovlaško-raški mountains. Mount Tara, a synonym for recreational classes, always a bit in the shadow of fashionable Zlatibor, in recent years is beginning to position itself as a real pearl among the Serbian mountains. Tara is one of the five national parks in Serbia and includes tourist areas: Mitrovica, Zaovine, Kaludjerske Bare, Račanska Šljivovica, Sokolina, Oluša and Mokra Gora with the ethno-village Drvengrad and Šarganska osmica. On Tara, our famous scientist, Josif Pančić, in 1875 felt the endemic species of conifers, Pančić’s spruce. The highest peak of this mountain is Zborište, 1544 m high.

View of the Drina, dense coniferous and deciduous forests, nominate Tara for the title of “Queen of the Mountains”. The favorite viewpoints of tourists are Banjska stena and Sjenic (on the stretch Zaovine – Predov krst). All those who believe in the prophecies can visit the village of Kremna, known for the Tarabic family.

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