The most visited of all these is Sokobanja. Sokobanja is located below the mountain Ozren and is 30 kilometers away from Aleksinac.

A well-known Serbian picnic area and weekend resort is Lake Bovan, which is located near the spa. There are a total of six springs of medicinal and hot mineral water in the spa, which reaches a temperature of up to 52 ° C.

Asthma, anemia, mental problems, orthopedic problems are treated here.

The most famous hospital is Ozren.

Sokobanja has about 10,000 beds on offer when all hotels, hospitals, villas and houses are added up.

The prices of beds in private accommodation range between 350 and 600 dinars, while apartment accommodation is significantly more expensive and ranges between 1,600 and 3,000 dinars.

Aqua park Podina is very attractive and suitable for family people (daily ticket is 350 dinars). The beach Župan, which is located on the banks of the river Moravica, is also popular.

Excursion sites around Sokobanja are Lepterija, Soko Grad, Sesalačka pećina, Vrmdžansko jezero, Vrelo Moravice.

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