Ribarska Banja

Ribarska Banja is located on the northern slopes of the Veliki Jastrebac mountain, and is 34 kilometers away from Kruševac.

It is decided by oak and beech forests. The oldest bathroom here is related to the story of Princess Milica who came to bathe in order to rejuvenate and remain beautiful.

Ribarska Banja has six springs of mineral water. The warmest water reaches a temperature of 41.5 ° C. Treatments are carried out in the Institute for Rehabilitation of Patients with Orthopedic and Degenerative Diseases, as well as Bone and Joints – Ribarska Banja.

The institute has 470 beds, 270 of which are intended for tourists. A modern spa has recently been opened with hydromassage pools, salt rooms, steam baths, a fitness center as well as top-notch massages and treatments.

You can see the prices of treatments in Ribarska Banja here cenatretmanaribarskabanja.rs.

One of the activities that are carried out in the vicinity of Ribarska Banja is hunting large and small game. However, swimming in outdoor pools seems to be a favorite summer activity.

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