Vrdnik Spa

Vrdnik Spa is protected by Fruška Gora from strong winds.

Due to the high percentage of ozone in the air, it is an air spa that treats sports injuries, all forms of rheumatism, soft tissue injuries, spinal deformities, migraines, gynecological problems, etc.

In the first place, we should mention the special rehabilitation hospital Termal, whose friendly staff and professional team successfully eliminates the symptoms of illness or fatigue due to which it occurs.

The thermal has 260 beds (luxury rooms are superbly equipped), five swimming pools, a sauna and a fitness room.

Massages (underwater and relaxation) are performed for the whole body, as well as for each part of the body separately. The greatest confirmation of the healing properties of water are people who have had confidence in the Vrdnik spa for 40 years.

The prices of accommodation per day in the Hotel Termal range between 1,800 to 5,660 dinars.

Tickets for the pools of the rehabilitation center in Vrdnik, for outdoor and indoor pools are:

500 dinars for adults,
300 for pensioners and children up to 15 years (free for children up to 5 years),
250 for patients through the RHIF
Banja Vrdnik has a large number of villas and apartments with prices from 10-30 euros and up.

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