Fruška gora

Another national park in Serbia, the only one in Vojvodina, the mountain Fruška gora is a former island of the Pannonian Sea. Near Novi Sad, Fruška gora is a favorite picnic spot of the inhabitants of the capital of Vojvodina. The highest peak is Crveni čot, only 539 meters high. The area of ​​Fruška gora is the largest linden deposit in Europe. As many as 16 Orthodox monasteries are located in this area, and Fruška gora is often called the “Serbian Holy Mountain”. The most famous are: Krušedol, Staro and Novo Hopovo and Vrdnik.

A marathon is held on Fruška gora in April every year, and the trails lead to the most beautiful parts of the national park. During June, lavender blooms in the village of Bukovac, and these unreal landscapes are more reminiscent of Provence than Serbia.

In one pit of a mining mine, one of the cleanest bathing places was created – Bešenovačko Lake. Ledinačko Lake or Srebro Lake is a small artificial lake created during the NATO bombing in 1999, when the damaged pumps of the old quarry stopped pumping water. Due to its impressive beauty, numerous domestic films and Zdravko Colic’s video “Ao, nono bijela” were shot at this place.

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