Prolom banja

Located on the slopes of Mount Radan, 23 kilometers away from Kursumlija.

Radan is also called a modern hotel that serves both treatment and recreation. The hotel has 1,500 patient beds and 440 beds. Prolom received the status of a spa only in 1977, and is one of the younger spas.

Despite that, the mineral water that springs here has been known for centuries. It seems that the spa has become famous among tourists in the first place because of the bottled water break. Prolom water is great for the kidneys and promotes good digestion.

Kidney and stomach problems are the ones that are treated in Prolom spa. One trail from Prolom Banja leads to the Devil’s Town, which is a unique natural phenomenon.

The price of accommodation in Hotel Radan varies depending on whether you have chosen a package with mud therapy, electro or hydrotherapy.

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